Spectator’s words

Words about Au Crépuscule

It was surprising, touching, disconcerting, acrobatic and filled with poetry and emotions. Great, thank you for this show. Kudos to the artists!
Ali U

Gorgeous! Breathtaking! Everything, everything, everything is there… even and especially what is not expected… Poetry, prowess, theater, beauty… a prodigious spectacle of ingenuity, inventiveness, grace… The words are weak and paltry to convey the emotion experienced. Thank you, thank you for being so crazy and talented.
Isabelle B


Words about L’Homme V.

Vincent Warin offers a surprising encounter. In turn facetious, domineering and caressing with his BMX, he plays all the constraints of mechanics … It also transforms what you first take for a solo in a step of two sensual and energized. The worn, the throws are linked to the rhythm of the cries of the cello of the Flemish William Schotte. Then the melody settles, electrifying the ballet offered by this well-matched couple. The human being is no more, the bike is erased, and a new entity springs up: L’Homme V.
Marine D – Le Phénix, National Scene of Valenciennes


Words about Friandises Vélicyclopédiques

That day, I came to watch circus but I rather witnessed a great metaphor: the bike that behaves without chain. I know that Vincent Warin has mastered these different laws of physics and has made it practical (balance and movement) and it deserves renewed applause. But it was not at all what I saw.
In logic, the bike is represented by a pair of pedals, a saddle, a handlebar and especially the CHAIN, the indispensable tool to ride the bike. For me, this bike without chain was just life in my neighborhood.
The more he did his performance, the more I saw the film of my childhood and that of my friends. Our lives were bicycles without chains. Some have been able to move it forward despite everything and have come out by finding solutions to create balance and movement. Others just dropped the bike and left by giving it up. Finally others are just dead trying to steal a chain. I found in this nonconformist show, a bit of hope, a way to convince oneself that we can break the traditional rules traced as corridors that we are shown as the only possibility, as an absolute truth: “without a chain a bike does not move. I just want to say that the work he does has different explanations, that he may not have suspected and that can change our lives and give us a lot of freedom … push us to find solutions to our problems classified in the drawers of fatalism.
Thank you again for opening my eyes involuntarily.
Didier L – Director of N’Djam s’enflamme en Slam Festival – Tchad


Words about La Visite

It was extraordinarily beautiful.
Francette W during La Visite to the EHPAD de Ronchin


Words about Écotone

I was Sunday in Lomme with my son Marius who practices BMX.
Écotone, strong and poetic, has transported us into varied and powerful emotional states. Congratulations for your performance! The daring fusion of your 3 arts shows everyday situations transported on stage in a grotesque, poetic, sometimes violent or disturbing way. A special mention to Adèle for her so much expressive contorted dance, to Simon for his always-on music and especially his funky BMX sound set to Vincent for his magical and graceful flight hanging from the big top.
Thank you for this escape and good road to you 3.
Nicolas F