L’Homme V.

Homme V - violoncelle et bmx par compagnie 3634
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All public, for outside and inside, Duration: 35 minutes

Acrobatic and dance piece for BMX bike and cello

To contort the body until causing the imbalances, to stretch the slow ones to accomodate the silence, the suspension … and to stop the time. Invite to travel in the confined and restricted space, reinforce yourself in certain playful ways, seek to get lost …

Vincent Warin offers a surprising encounter. In turn facetious, domineering and caressing with his BMX, he plays all the constraints of mechanics … It also transforms what we take first for a solo in a step of two sensual and energized. The worn, the throws are linked to the rhythm of the cries of the cello. Then the melody settles, electrifying the ballet offered by this well-matched couple. The human being is no more, the bike fades away, and springs a new entity: l’Homme V.
Marine Durand – Le Phénix, National Scene of Valenciennes

A show by Vincent Warin – Cie 3.6/3.4

Director: Cyrille Musy Interpretation: Vincent Warin Musical composition: William Schotte Musical interpretation: Matthieu Buchaniek or Jean-Christophe Lannoy
Thanks to CRAC de Lomme and La Makina (place of artistic creation-Hellemmes).