Les Ensorcelés

Les Ensorcelés : conte acrobatique pour poésies dansées en solo vélo BMX et violoncelle live
© Laurent Noel

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Played in 360 ° and close to the public, For all, indoor and outdoor, Duration: 50 minutes

Acrobatic tale for poems danced on BMX bike

By playing with the rumor, the humor and the imaginary, this show has as a starting impulse a text written by William Schotte: “The bewitched”. This contemporary tale is ambiguous and addresses the theme of possession: what we possess, what we think we own and what possesses us …

Les Ensorcelés - Spectacle de la Cie 3.6/3.4 avec Vincent Warin et William Schotte
© Laurent Noel

A strange tale … that of a man and his bike.
A strange tale … that of a man and his cello.
A strange tale … that could be yours!

Continue exploring the relationship between man and machine: Vincent Warin wants to go beyond the work of the body to share emotions and inner feelings.

A show by Vincent Warin – Cie 3.6/3.4

Direction: Anne Conti Choreography: Cyrille Musy Interpretation: Vincent Warin Composition and interpretation of music and text: William Schotte Sound and light design: Simon Masson Creation Costumes: Lucie Destailleur Design assistance: Olivier Merlin
Thanks to CRAC de Lomme, to the Channel (National Scene of Calais) and to La Makina (place of artistic creation-Hellemmes).
The company receives support from DRAC Hauts-de-France and the Hauts-de-France Region.