Dates confirmed
January 22th : The island of Itaparica (Brazil) – Friandises Vélicyclopédiques
April 14th : Cultural center La Source in Volvic (63) – L’Homme V. 
April 15th : Salle de la Halle at Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne (63) – L’Homme V. 
May 5th : Pisteurs d’étoiles in Obernai (67) – L’Homme V.
May 13th : Celebrations of the tower in Issoudun (36) – L’Homme V.
May 16th to 19th : Danse Kappelet in Copenhague (Danmark) – L’Homme V.
May 30th : Festival Vibra’mômes in Flers (61) – L’Homme V.
June 1st : Commune community Pays de Loiron (53) – L’Homme V. 
June 9th : Salle le Bournot at Aubenas (07) – L’Homme V.
June 21th : Le Phénix at Valenciennes (59) – L’Homme V.
July 14th : La Nuit des Merveilles at  Bettembourg (Belgium) – L’Homme V.
July 15th : Les Eclectiques at Carvin(62) – Écotone – First outdoor!
August 1st : Riom (63) – L’Homme V.
August 9th : Amboise (37) – L’Homme V.
September 1st and 2nd :  Festival Oriente Occidente (Italy) – Écotone
September 21th : School of Sillars (86) – L’Homme V.
September 29th and october 1st : L’Escapade at Hénin-Beaumont (62) – Écotone First indoor!

January to mid-March: Tour in Brazil – L’Homme V.,January 27th in Birigui (Araçatuba), January 28th at Sorocaba, January 29th at Taubaté, February 3rd at Carmo, February 4th at Bauru and February 5th at Santo Amaro.
April 22th: Théâtre-Sénart (77) – L’Homme V.
May 20th: Festival arts de la rue at Douai (59) – L’Homme V.
May 21th : De la Fête aux Pieds around Evreux (27) – L’Homme V.
June 3rd and 4th: Festival Parade(s) at Nanterre (92) – L’Homme V.
June 8th to 10th: Festival Circada at Seville (Spain) – L’Homme V.
June 16th to 18th: Les Petites Scènes autour d’Evreux (27) – L’Homme V.
June 23th and 24th:
 Les Journées Olympiques at Paris (75) – L’Homme V. 
June 24th: Festival Urbaka at Limoges (87) – L’Homme V.
June 28th: Rencontres Scène Jeunesse at Viols-en-Laval (34) – L’Homme V.
June 30th: Le Temps des Cerises at La Bruguière (30) – L’Homme V.
July 2nd: Festival des 7 Collines at Saint-Victor-sur-Loire (42) – L’Homme V.
July 6th: Acordanse at Lyon (69) – Friandises Vélicyclopédiques
July 8th and 9th: Les Zaccros D’ma Rue at Nevers (58) – L’Homme V.
July 13th: Mairie de Villetaneuse (93) – L’Homme V. and awareness workshop
July 28th and 29th: Festival de Cirque at Niort (79) – L’Homme V.
August 5th: Saison arts de la rue en milieu rural at Clamecy (58) – L’Homme V.
August 19th and 20th: Festival International des Arts de la Rue Chassepierre (Belgium) – L’Homme V.
August 23th: Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes at Grand Bornand (74) – L’Homme V.
August 24th: Festival BWd12 at Saint-Victor-sur-Loire (42) – Friandises Vélicyclopédiques  avec BWd12
August 26th and 27th: 
Zürcher Theater Spektakel at Zurich (Swiss) – L’Homme V.
September 10th: Les Automnales de Coucy le Château (02) – L’Homme V.
September 23th and 24th: Festival Cergy, Soit ! (95) – L’Homme V.
September 29th to October 1st: Festival Gavroche at Moscou (Russia) – L’Homme V.
October 5th to November 25th: Tour in Africa with the French Institute – Friandises Vélicyclopédiques, October 5th and 7th in Tanzania, October 11th in Djibouti, October 14th in Kenya, October 18th in Mauritius, October 21th in Democratic Republic of Congo, October 25th in Angola, October 28th in Chad, November 1st in Ethiopia, 4th November in Togo, 7th and 9th November in Benin, 11th November in Niger, 14th November in Mali, 16th and 18th November in Burkina Faso, 21th November in Côte d’Ivoire, 23th and 25th November in Senegal.
December 13th and 14th: Theater Jean Vilar at Montpellier (34) – Trois-quatre petites pièces pour vélo