Friandises Vélicyclopédiques

Friandises Vélicyclopédiques - spectacle performance sur mesure
© Aloïs Aurelle
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Everyone, indoor and outdoor
Duration: up to 35 minutes

Performance show for musical encounters and ephemeral sound.
This show is that of a meeting: that of a written BMX bike choreography, proposed to be played for a new musical, sound and / or auditory experience.

The themes addressed for this proposal can be varied and multipurpose.

Thoughtful and thought with the organizing structure, it can be to play the performance with one or more musicians, slamers, readers and all other sound agitators.

Whether they are professionals or amateurs, we decide the time of exchanges and rehearsals upstream.

This proposal can be part of non-professional artistic projects.

The evocation of the playful and acrobatic movements to the challenge of this new writing will load us with a unique moment, necessarily poetic …

“That day, I came to watch circus but I rather witnessed a great metaphor: the bike that behaves without chain. I know that Vincent Warin has mastered these different laws of physics and has made it practical (balance and movement) and it deserves renewed applause. But it was not at all what I saw. In logic, the bike is represented by a pair of pedals, a saddle, a handlebar and especially the CHAIN, the indispensable tool to ride the bike. For me, this bike without chain was just life in my neighborhood. The more he did his performance, the more I saw the film of my childhood and that of my friends. Our lives were bicycles without chains. Some have been able to move it forward despite everything and have come out by finding solutions to create balance and movement. Others just dropped the bike and left by giving it up. Finally others are just dead trying to steal a chain. I found in this nonconformist show, a bit of hope, a way to convince oneself that we can break the traditional rules traced as corridors that we are shown as the only possibility, as an absolute truth: “without a chain a bike does not move.” I just want to say that the work he does has different explanations, that he may not have suspected and that can change our lives and give us a lot of freedom … to push us to find solutions to our problems classified in the drawers of fatalism. Thank you again for opening my eyes involuntarily.

Didier Lahaye – Director of Festival N’Djam s’enflamme en Slam – Chad