(Au) Crépuscule / Creation 2022

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In a few words :
Alone on the track
Accompanied by a perched musician
A telescopic cart for metaphor
BMX flights, and a poetics of the bike as we have never seen
Suspended games and stakes
Dances in all circumstances
In relentless despair
Light and betrayal
Hope, life, death …


We’re on TV!

France 3 Report/ Cie 3634
(Au) Crépuscule – France 3 Report


Confused stories for hero despite himself 

In the spirit of the previous creations of the Cie, there will once again be a strong desire to express the place of “one’s own being” in our great world. Particularly here, to reconnect with one’s identity and bring into play the balance of the moment to dare to try other experiences and other times.
Try, without limits, to reconnect with your own attaching. To offer oneself the doubt, the discovery, the fall and perhaps, the harmony in juxtaposition to the imbalance.

… As if to try again… to give ourselves the place we would have to seize
In these games, it will be about flirting with your frustrations and reconnecting with the challenge. To collide with its prohibitions to push,, without restraint, and try to oscillate with its freedom; that of also being, as again, reconciling to this world.

To these characters who integrate, to these marginal people who have …
To those who touch after trying the dream otherwise. To all those who, outside of time, are born in their time to express to us the complexity of our daily lives.
A hymn to frustration, and above all, hope like an open door in the shade of our twilight …

Without his knowledge, without our knowledge, without your knowledge.
With or without issue…


Co-productions : L’Atelier 231, Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace Public of Sotteville-lès-Rouen and Le 9-9 bis / Métaphone of Oignies.

With the support of:  La Maison Culturelle of Ath – Pôle Art de la Rue, La Transverse of Corbigny, La Makina of Hellemmes and La Maison Folie Beaulieu of Lomme. The CIAM of Aix-en-Provence (13) in partnership with the Mécène Actémis provide us with their technical support for the tests with the telescopic carts.