La Visite

Designed to adapt to the particularities of a context, a place and an audience, it allows us to have the advantage of inventing according to the circumstances.
Listening… we transform ourselves to respond in the best possible way to the event and the issues at stake.
We often create custom-made products for a unique moment… that’s the game!
Several meetings have already been held to build on this momentum:

Without premeditation, the being appears with its mount…
Slowness, delicacy, humour and vivacity for a rendezvous and a poetic suspension of the moment.


For a large event:
Like at the Condition Publique in Roubaix, with the organisation of a “Festival of Extreme Sports and Games” : ROWS, VERTIGE AND GRAVITY.

BMX, skate-park, slackline, German wheel, a weekend full of performances and workshops with extreme sportsmen and circus artists.


In schools and leisure centres:
– workshop on a BMX bike or even better… with your own bike!

– Awareness of the artist’s profession and the discipline of BMX: presentation, exchanges and diluted interactions of BMX performance and music.


In residences for the elderly :
The game of offering a soft, poetic choreographic score with live music… it is also the desire to continue around an exchange, evoking our memories of exploits around the little queen!


In meetings or conferences:
Sportsman, performer, BMX artist: a profession, an atypical career, a story that raises questions… We answer, argue, and question.


As an artistic collaborator :
To participate in a creative project outside those of the Cie 3.6/3.4: staging, outside view, research and choreography around the object, as many axes that are shared.