Le FESTIT – coopération culturelle (Brésil)

Coopération culturelle : le Festit, festival pluridisciplinaire, art, culture, sport, mixité,

The FESTIT is a project of cultural and artistic cooperation. It is a multidisciplinary eco-festival that takes place every year on Itaparica Island, in the Bahia region of Brazil. It is organized by the Brazilian association Jub’Arte and is realized in collaboration with Cie 3.6/3.4 since 2010.

Jub’Arte is positioned at the intersection of social and artistic actions. Its goal is to foster the sustainable development of imagination and intelligence. Its activity concerns all age groups of the population.

She chose to settle in Itaparica, an island located in front of Salvador de Bahia. This place has the particularity of being a place of life remained wild. It is good to live there, with all the advantages that one can imagine, but also certain inconveniences: a nature which often has the role of trash can, inhabitants sometimes naive on the environmental causes and which have an access often limited to the Culture .

Since 2010, the FESTIT invites the population to 3 days of artistic festivals. Outdoor cinema, live shows, visual artists, workshops, concerts and local associations of the island invest the space of the Mercado Municipal and the seafront.

This beautiful festival brings together since its creation local, national and international artists.

Many partnerships are and can be envisaged to develop this network of artistic and cultural exchanges between France and Brazil.

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Festival Festit : coopération culturelle et artistique au Brésil