La Cie 3.6/3.4

Cie 3.6 / 3.4: at the junction of sport, circus, dance, theater and music …
Equipe spectacle cyclisme acrobatique Trois-quatre petites pièces pour vélo
© Stéphane Coupé. Pierre-Jean Carrus, Vincent Warin and Alexis Quinet in rehearsals for « Trois-quatre petites pièces pour vélo »

The creations developed by Cie 3.6 / 3.4 confront the practice of high-level BMX with new aesthetics. They offer a poetic space that allows a very wide audience to appreciate the atypical universe.

The company receives support from the DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais and the region Nord-Pas de Calais.

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Vincent Warin et son équipe - Cie 3.6/3.4

© Laurent Noel.Vincent Warin and the show team “Les Ensorcelés”. Residence on the Channel, Scène Nationale – Calais